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Dear Patient:


Rotech Healthcare has acquired the assets of Alpha Sleep Diagnostic Centers with whom you have received medical equipment, supplies, or services.


Sleep Central, a division of Rotech Healthcare, would like to welcome you as a new customer for all of your CPAP or BiPAP supply needs.


Since 1997 we have been providing Sleep Therapy Services and Supplies with our team of expert associates, helping you achieve the MAXIMUM benefits from your PAP therapy.


  • Equipment/Supply Technicians and Respiratory Therapists available 24/7

  • Interaction with your physician for prescription information

  • Accepting most Insurance Plans, keeping their specific payer rules on file

  • Large variety of high quality products

  • Free shipping to your door

  • Educational newsletters and new product information provided with shipments


  • PLUS - Easy Ordering via YOUR preferred method:


  • Automated Reminder call with Interactive Voice Order system

  • On-line at or

  • Live Telephone contact request from Sleep Central Patient Care Coordinator

  • VIP Recurring Routine Shipment program (may not be allowed by some payers)

  • OR,  just call us at:

                                                                              1-844- PAP- MASK (1-844-727-6275)


Please Note:  Masks, cushions, filters, and tubing age which negatively impacts your therapy and makes you susceptible to infection.   Most insurance companies, including Medicare, cover the expense of these supplies for this reason.  



We look forward to supporting your sleep by providing you with outstanding service!  


PLEASE CALL US NOW at 1-844-727-6275  to place your first order.  Thank you!

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