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Insomnia sleep disorder quiz

Count how many "Yes" answers you give to the following statements:

1. I have difficulty falling asleep.

2. Thoughts race through my mind and this prevents me from sleeping.

3. I feel afraid to go to sleep.

4. I wake up during the night and can't go back to sleep.

5. I worry about things and have trouble relaxing.

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6. Despite sleeping all night, I don't feel refreshed when I awaken.

7. I wake up earlier in the morning than I would like to.

8. I lie awake for half an hour or more before I fall asleep.

9. I wake in the morning with muscle or joint stiffness and aches.

10. I feel sad and depressed.


Score = ______out of 10

Questions 1 through 10 - If you answered yes to one of more of the above questions, you may show symptoms of Insomnia, a persistent inability to fall asleep or stay asleep.

These questions are meant to be used as a screening tool only and are not intended as medical advice. Please seek the advice of a medical professional for further assistance.

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Insomia sleep disorder quiz Insomia sleep disorder quiz