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Narcolepsy sleep disorder quiz

1. I have had trouble concentrating at school or work.

2. When I am angry or surprised, I feel like I'm going limp.

3. I have fallen asleep while driving.

4. I feel like I go around in a daze.

5. I have fallen asleep during physical effort.

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6. I feel like I am hallucinating when I fall asleep.

7. I have fallen asleep when laughing or crying.

8. I have trouble at work because of sleepiness.

9. I have vivid dreams soon after falling asleep.

10. No matter how hard I try to stay awake, I fall asleep anyway.

11. I feel unable to move when I am waking up or falling asleep.

Score = _____out of 11

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, you may show symptoms of Narcolepsy, a lifelong disorder characterized by uncontrollable sleep attacks during the day.

These questions are meant to be used as a screening tool only and are not intended as medical advice. Please seek the advice of a medical professional for further assistance.

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