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To order supplies please use the link below to our CareTouch web ordering system.  You can create a login ID and password if you are not a user.  If you already have a log in ID and password you can log in to order.


This site allows you to take control of your preferred contact methods and frequencies that you would like us to use.  You can set a time of day, on any day to receive reminder phone calls or set up an email alert.  You can choose just to order online with no reminders as well.  At any time, you can get help from a representative by calling the toll free number at the top of the CareTouch page.  



During normal business hours you can always call us at 303-407-1990 and select option “3” for ordering supplies.



After your order has been placed, we will verify your insurance coverage and request an authorization if it is needed.  When we have the verification and authorization, we will ship your order to your door.  You should receive your order in 5 to 7 business days depending on the time it takes your insurance company to process our request.  If additional information is needed, a customer service representative will call you.



Shipping charges of $10.50 may apply.  Insurance companies do not pay shipping charges and do not include shipping in the price of supplies.  To lessen the burden of shipping charges, we have developed a “KIT” that you can order and have shipped quarterly or semiannually.  The frequency does depend on your insurance providers approval of frequency.  In your KIT you will receive your preferred mask, headgear, tubing, filters, water chamber and cushion/pillow replacements.  You will receive enough to last you until the next shipping cycle.  At that time you will receive communication asking you if you would like to have your KIT shipped.  We will not ship without your authorization.  We can set up automatic shipments if you prefer.  


For your convenience, you can use this site to pay your bill at any time day or night.  From the home page, click on pay my bill.